Get A Tech Job or Internship Placement In Japan

We help tech job and internship hunters to gain placements in Japan. 

We Work With

We help the industries below to find exceptional talents

Tech Companies And Startups

From full-stack web developers to software engineers.

Artificial Intelligence Companies And Startups

From AI & image processing to data & analytics engineering jobs.

Data Science Companies And Startups

From analyzing complex data models to big data-related technologies job.

Cybersecurity Companies And Startups

White hat hackers to cybersecurity consultants and audits.

Cloud Applications Companies And Startups

From Amazon Web Service to Google Cloud Platform engineering.

How Can Tokyo Stack Help Your Job Or Internship Hunting In Japan?

Tech Career Counseling

Assessing your career needs and goals will be the utmost priority in order for us to better understand and help you to achieve them.

Get The Right Company

Through our database of tech startups and companies in Japan, we will scout for the best job offers for you.

Resume Building

Having a bad resume will definitely kill your chances of getting an interview. We are here to help build your resume so you will be called for an interview and get you one step closer in getting your dream job.

Japanese Language Training

Working in Japan required basic Japanese conversational skills. Join our partners' Japanese courses to get yourself N2 or N1 certified within a year.

Tech Upskill

In certain cases, a tech-related skill is needed to perform certain tech-related job functions. We are here to help you to gain them and get certified.

Advanced Certification

Official certification for AWS, Agile Project Management Skills.

Our Simple Steps To Get Your Dream Tech Career

Free Consultation & Guidance

Our tech recruitment specialist will guide and structure your job hunting process. We make sure that you are on the right path in getting a successful tech job placement in Japan.

Upskill + Internship Placement (optional)

For applicants who want to change to another tech-related industry or field, we are here to help to equip you with the right skills. Training can be in-person or online. In certain cases, an internship will help to help you land your dream career.

Successful Placement

Within 1-3 months on average, we will help you reach your goal of getting a successful placement in Japan. We wish you the best and feel free to contribute to the Tokyo Stack community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consult with us for free at [email protected]. We will ask you a few questions, such as what your goals are, what your time commitment is, and your current technological experience is, and suggest a personalized plan for you.

Executive training is for anyone that prefers private, personalized training at your own pace and/or to achieve your own personal goals, as opposed to group training with a set curriculum.

Whether you come from an experienced tech background and hope to future your skills in other areas, or you are only comfortable accessing your email, we can work with you to improve your technical skillsets.

Our popular topics include artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, and cloud applications. However, our experts have abundant experience beyond these topics, so please consult with us at [email protected] to see if we can help.

Our dedicated team of instructors is comprised of experienced engineers, skilled in their respective fields. When you sign up, we will match your with one of our instructors that is more suitable for help you attain your goals.

Ready to see how we can help you?